About the Sparby Agency

John Sparby, agency owner knows from working hard. He spent 15 years of his career in factory work, eventually climbing the career ladder to an operations manager position before making the leap to American Income Life. It was a natural fit, Sparby says, because running an American Income Business lets him help the community around him. That’s something he’s always felt called to do, whether volunteering through his church, running an Business food bank, or managing his wife’s ‘90s cover band.

Sparby has passed that passion for helping others to his Agents, impressing upon them the ability to help their neighbors in times of need. “I’ve always wanted to run my own business while helping people,” he says. “American Income Life has given me the opportunity to do both and have the history and backing of a great company. Working with American Income has helped me grow in so many ways both personally and professionally.”

Sparby makes it very clear his work ethic and drive are a good fit for the American Income lifestyle. “Being an Business Owner comes with great responsibility and challenges, and that’s what excites me about owning and operating my own location,” Sparby says. “I’m passionate about protecting and serving people and that’s what we do on a daily basis.”