Providing next-level supplemental benefits and insurance services is our passion. Because of that, we take true pride in being an asset to the people we serve. Our goal is to ensure that our clients and their families are receiving the very best in insurance and insurance supplements on the market. That’s why we’re looking for motivated people looking for an insurance career to provide the same great service to more and more people in the area.

Whole Life Insurance

Providing our clients with a lifetime of coverage, premiums that never increase, and coverage that will never decrease. Whole life is a great way to cover final expenses and other related costs.

Term Life insurance

Less costly than whole life insurance and able to be added to other policies, term life insurance offers coverage for a predetermined period of time and helps your family to stay free of financial burden when you pass away during your prime working years.

Accident and Supplemental Health Insurance

We provide accident and supplemental health insurance that offers protection for deductibles, copays, and unexpected missed time from work due accident or serious illness.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more about the services we provide, or to apply to work with us when you’re seeking a job in insurance. We look forward to helping you find a great insurance job in life and supplemental health.

Medical Services Discount Card

We also provide our members a discount card for services—like prescriptions, chiropractic, dental, and vision.

Child Safe Kit

Protecting families is what we are all about. We provide child safe kits to all of our members so they can be sure to have up-to-date information on their loved ones in the case of an emergency.

What Information Will Your Child Safe Kit Help You Collect?

Your Child Safe Kit® will help you to record and save vital information about your child including:

  • Height & Weight
  • Hair Color and Style
  • Blood Type
  • Fingerprints
  • DNA Sample